Both our beginner junior session and the later junior session run to a similar format.

We begin with a warmup and stretch session, building young players’ understanding of how to warm up properly and the muscle groups that require stretching.

Beginner juniors will spend much of the year practicing and revisiting basic badminton strokes and concepts:

  • Correct grip
  • Backhand serve
  • Forehand serve
  • Overhead shots
  • Simple net strokes (forehand and backhand)
  • Basic footwork
  • Court layout
  • Scoring

The second junior session introduces some more difficult strokes and techniques in addition to those above:

  • Smash
  • Overhead drop
  • Overhead backhand (drop and clear)
  • Grip modification
  • Advanced footwork
  • Defensive technique
  • Game strategy

Incentive Awards

Through both sessions we offer players the opportunity to attempt the Badminton New Zealand incentive awards.  These range from the Merit level badge through to Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.  Each award has a practical and theory section.


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